202310 Website Personal Poster Wen Loong

Ivan Cheong Wen Loong

Sales Consultant

Hi, I'm Ivan, currently work under sales department as a sales consultant.

I appreciate how FILKEN has such a great working environment. My leader or boss are willing to teach me how to overcome those difficulties, and it reminds me of my dad.

I've tried different types of job including worked in factory and beverage stores. FILKEN offers me with more opportunities to explore new things to grow along with FILKEN. I believe stay focus and insist on doing certain things can make it perfect. Nobody knows how to walk or run once they were born. Instead of giving up, one could be a runner if he/she insist to master the skills.

"The past is a memory that can never be revisited, and past friendships have long become "the past." Life is unpredictable! Even if you encounter something unpleasant, maintaining a positive attitude, there will always be a day when your good luck naturally arrives."

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