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Loyalty Referral

Loyalty Care

Loyalty Referral

"Sharing Love, Delivering Happiness"


Refer friends & family

Upgrade your water, upgrade your life!

Recommend our brand's products to relatives and friends so that they can also receive high-quality products and services.

Our purpose: Healthy Life, Peaceful Mind


Friends & family purchase FILKEN products

Spread the love and recommend our premium water filters from FILKEN to the people you care about.

Let more people take a step towards health and enjoy better water quality.

*T&C: The specified product | Show FILKEN Loyalty Cloud / ID number | Show the refer record to FILKEN.


Get Rewards

Enjoy more than just great service and get rewarded for your loyalty!

By referring friends, family or colleagues to use the company's services, members can enjoy additional perks and perks.

*T&C: Referral Reward up to RM100 cash ( Fill in personal information )

Loyalty Care
More Care, Less Worries

Ensuring members receive extra attention and support, and reduced concerns or worries. By participating in the loyalty cloud program, members receive enhanced customer service that goes beyond standard offerings. Give members peace of mind by prioritizing their needs and providing personalized assistance when necessary.

Additional Protection to Your Appliances, Use at Ease Without Worries

1. Zero Charges Coverage Saving on Repair Cost

Members enjoy coverage for repair cost at no additional charge, saving them money on maintenance and repair expenses.

2. 30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Members have the peace of mind of a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing them to try the product risk-free and return it if they are not satisfied.

3. Extends of Manufacture Warranty Period Upon The Expiry of Standard Warranty

The loyalty program extends the manufacturer's warranty period beyond the standard duration, providing members with additional protection and coverage.

4. Priority Access to Technical Support

Members receive priority access to technical support services, ensuring prompt assistance with any product-related issues.

5. 100% FILKEN Genuine Product Accessories

Members are guaranteed to receive genuine FILKEN product accessories, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility with their water filter system.

6. Door to Door Service

Members benefit from convenient door-to-door service making it hassle-free to access repair and maintenance services without leaving their homes.

7. Trade In with Loyalty Benefit

Members have the option to trade in their old water filter system and receive loyalty benefits towards the purchase of a new system.

A professional water treatment company, specializes in supplying water filter and water dispenser, as well as providing professional water purification service.

ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.



ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.

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