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FILKEN Group aims to be the benchmark company for Health industry in both life and mind.

FILKEN aims to be the benchmark for heathy life, healthy mind transformation. In 2023, with nearly 60 employees in West Malaysia, East Malaysia, and Singapore. The group design and provides professional solutions that are both useful and practical for better water, food, and air quality.

FILKEN ensures strict compliance with the laws and treaties governing people’s human and social rights, both within the company and with its stakeholders.

The Group’s cultural diversity is integral to these values and rules of conduct:

Values and Rules

The Ethics Guide provides a reference for all FILKEN employees. Available on the corporate websites and the intranet, it outlines the Group’s values, rules of conduct and actions.

The values underpin the Group’s economic, social and environmental performances. They are also reflected in the skills and attitudes that each employee at FILKEN is committed to implementing daily.

FILKEN employee feels good because altruism is our value arises from genuine concern for people’s well-being.

Value that holds by FILKEN, help FILKEN People grow, learn, and succeed in life. It is a positive character trait that shows commitment, devotion, and purposefulness.

FILKEN takes responsibility for promoting the harmonious development of territories and for improving the living conditions of people concerned by its activities.

Internally, one of the Group’s priorities is to develop its employees’ skills and protect their health and safety at work.

The solidarity requirement includes all our relations with our stakeholders. It is exemplified by the constant search for solutions that will provide essential services to as many people as possible. 

Through their behavior, all FILKEN employees must comply with the law, the Group’s internal rules, and respect other people.

In order to serve its customers, the environment and society, FILKEN places research and innovation at the center of its strategy to create tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

FILKEN works to continuously improve the efficiency and quality of its services. Listening to its customers means the Group is able to meet their technical, economic, environmental and societal expectations by offering tailored, innovative solutions.

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Meet Our Resources

Well-trained resources manage to provide better experience to clients with their professional attitude and knowledge within this field. They talk to us about how they implement their passionate and action to provide the best experience to the customers. 

personal Angela
Angela LimYongChing, Regional Sales Manager

in Sales Department

"Mindset determines destiny, attitude shapes everything; the past can't be changed, but the future can."

personal wjie
WongWeiJie, Customer Service Advisor

in Service Deparment

"What is you believe, that will be true."

personal unclelam
LamMunKeong, Technical Advisor

in Technician Department

"Devote the heart to the small, give the utmost to the large."

personal jiahuei
YapJiaHuei, Marketing Manager

in Marketing Department

"Push-up can't be learned through reading alone; Winner adjust methods, but never their Goals."

personal bohwah
Finance Manager

in Account Department

"Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get."

personal huihui
Operation Executive

in Operation Department

"The road ahead is vast and everything can be expected."

personal ys
HR & Personal Assistant

in HR Department

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
personal stanley
Stanley LeeVunBing, Business Development& PR Manager

in R&D Department

"Unity is the key. Success we will see."

Together Gen Zers, build a future

2023 company trip in Taiwan

FILKEN set out with boundless expectations on a journey that holds special meaning. This time, GenZers not only aim to explore Taiwan but also to create unforgettable memories together.

More Resources

personal weijie
CheahWeiJie, Technician

in Technician Department

"Nothing is important to a willing heart."

personal iris
Iris LeeFuiTieen, Sales Consultant

in Sales Department

"Firmly believe in yourself, you will achieve what you want."

personal kaifun
ChongKaiFun, Sales Consultant

in Sales Department

"Life is so much better when you're laughing."

personal kexuan
Eileen YapKohSuen, Sales Consultant

in Sales Department

"Keep you eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

personal kenta
Kenta YeohChunXiang, Customer Service

in Customer Service Department

"Endurance can be challenging, yet its rewards are delightful."

personal bryan
WongZhiYong, Account Executive

in Account Department

"Confidence and hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure."

personal tim
ChaiChienPing, Sales Consultant

in Sales Department

"Make each day your masterpiece."

personal wenloong
Ivan Cheong
WenLoong, Sales Consultant

in Sales Department

"Nobody in this world is perfect. The only way to improve upon yesterday is by never giving up."

personal yy
Yumo ChongYiYing, E-Commerce

in Marketing Department

"Always keep the faith, hope to the end."

personal ahkai
PangJingKai, Technician

in Technician Department

"Continuous struggle is the road to success."

FILKEN Listed Songs

Every note is a story and every composition is a work of art. Let the music speak, and let the melodies resonate in your hearts as Gen Zers share with you the extraordinary talents and captivating creations from FILKEN.

Play Video

飞翔吧 FILKEN main theme song

Lyricist: Zack Liew, Yekexuan
Composer: Yekexuan, 邓雨心
Singer: Kenny, William, Jia Huei, Angela, Connie, Wen Loong, Iris, Kai Fun, Yekexuan

Play Video

My Superhero #Father

Lyricist: Zack Liew
Composer: Zack Liew, Yekexuan, 邓雨心
Singer: Yekexuan

Play Video

想给你的爱 #Mother

Lyricist: Yekexuan
Composer: Yekexuan, Mac
Singer: Yekexuan, Jia Huei, Zack Liew, William, Angela, Kai Fun

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You Are My Lucky Star

Lyricist: Yekexuan
Composer: 邓雨心
Singer: Yekexuan

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