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The only outdoor membrane in South East Asia with Polysulfone material that comes with
surface pore size of 3000 times smaller than diameter of human hair.
Polysulfone Membrane is able to withstand high pressure,
high temperature and wide pH range without any fiber breakage.

A Great Outdoor Filter

Water purify up to 99.99%
Hassle free self maintenance
High flow rate, support large usage

Water Purifier Comparison Chart

Filken Super Membrane can removes minute particles as 0.01 micron in tap water, including bacteria, algae, fungi, cryptosporidium, metal particles such as rust, lead and others,

Nine Advantages

Filken the most trusted brand in South East Asia, removes contaminants while leaving minerals intact, delivering clean drinking water.


Hollow Fiber Membrane

The core competence of Filken Super Membrane is the hollow fiber membrane filter made of ultra-fine polysulfone.

Outside-In Membrane

During Filken Super Membrane outside-in operation, feed water passes from outside the membrane fiber to the inside, where filtrate is collected in the center of the membrane fiber.