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Yap Jia Huei

Marketing Manager in Marketing Department

Hi, I'm Jia Huei. I worked a lot of parttime job before. As for full-time job, I joined FILKEN right after graduating from university. I worked here for more than 6years. Initially, I worked as a salesman, starting with offline sales methods, then transitioned to online sales after two years. My role evolved from understanding customer's needs to guiding them in selecting the most suitable products. I aimed to ensure that customers fully understood the benefit of FILKEN's products and services. My goal is to help more customers to make a more brilliant choice. Beside that, I also want to increase FILKEN's visibility among the general public. Therefore, I joined the marketing department.

I’ve always maintained a mindset of being helpful. When friends, colleagues, or clients around me face difficulties, helping them brings me a lot of joy. This happiness is very true for me, and it’s same with the company’s mission , which is

‘Healthy life peaceful mind’

First, great communication is very important. Great communication is the key to form strong partnerships and teamwork, it makes tasks much easier.

Second, in marketing , we needs creative innovation in both ideas and outputs. So in our marketing team , we got a slogan , ‘think out of the box’. Of course, we must maintain a positive mindset.

“Honesty and sincerity” – We have to be truthful whenever we do marketing or advertising. We serve customers as our friend. I believe it is the only way to genuinely solve their problems.

Truly understand user needs but not targeting for our own sales.

Definitely will be 100% of passion!

When you love your job, keeping the mindset of doing the job ‘well’ rather than only for ‘getting it complete’.

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" To change people life across the world! A peaceful and healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Together we transform. "

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