December 7, 2020

Bigen – Hydrogen, Hot & Normal Water Dispenser

Bigen - Hydrogen, Hot & Normal Water Dispenser


  • Hot Water Safety Device
    Protect your children from unexpected accident with hot water.
  • High Efficiency Compressor Cooling
    Compressor is “DANFU” brand with R134a refrigerant gas, they are with strong refrigeration low noise, high performance and long service life.
  • Stainless Steel Tank
    The water tank are constructed of hygienic stainless steel which is specifically designed to be contaminant-resistant.


Hydrogen, Hot & Normal Water Dispenser – Bigen

Water Tank Capacity Hot 1.8L
Power Consumption Hot 42oW
Capacity 5LpH (> 90°C)
Net Weight 7.5kg
Dimension Width 345mm
Depth 345mm
Height 582mm
Water Temperature Hydrogen, Hot & Normal
Filter UF Membrane filter
Pre Carbon filter
Hydrogen filter
Post Carbon filter


Drinking Hydrogen Water is as effective as directly inhaling hydrogen. Drinking Hydrogen Water is a very convenient method for introducing hydrogen into your diet over long periods of time.

For cooking rice
When washing rice with hydrogen water, residual agricultural chemicals or oxidized ingredients are removed. In addition, as hydrogen water consists of small particles and penetrates easily, it makes sticky and delicious rice.

For coffee or tea
If coffee or tea is made with hydrogen water, the taste becomes mild and delicious.

For constipation
When someone drinks hydrogen water, the intestine becomes healthy and constipation is relieved. The smell of feves is removed.

For washing hair
When washing hair with hydrogen water, reactive oxygen in the scalp is removed and moisture is provided. Thus, it is helpful for prevention of hair loss and makes good hair texture.

For pediatric atopic dermatitis
Pediatric atopic dermatitis can be relieved by hydrogen water. In addition hydrogen water helps children grow healthy.

For cooking
If hydrogen water is used for cooking instead of tap water, original tastes of materials are enhanced.

For washing vegetables/ fruits
Hydrogen water removes residual agricultural chemicals on the surface of fruits or vegetables. When vegetables or fruits are stored after they are soaked in hydrogen water, they are kept fresh.

For diet
Because hydrogen water is very effective in removing reactive oxygen and toxins in the body, drinking the hydrogen water helps with weight loss.

For face cleaning
When face cleaning with the hydrogen water, reactive oxygen is eliminated. Thus, skin becomes healthier. In addition, hydrogen water with small particle penetrates deep into the skin. Thus, the moisture is provided efficiently.

For dermatitis
The reason why inflammation occurs in skin is that excessive oxygen destroys the moisturizing layer in the skin and the skin becomes dry. When cleaning with hydrogen water, it helps relieve itching.


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