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Wong Wei Jie

Customer Service Advisor in Service Department

Hi, I'm WeiJie. My first job was a lashing specialist at a port. I developed valuable lashing skill and technical skill.
In this industry, I handle some containers on cargo ships and check and tie all the containers to prevent them from falling off during sea transportation. From this, I also learned about various important safety measures and related terminal work experience.

The previous job position at port wasn’t aligned with my career goals. Therefore, I left and joined FILKEN as a technician. I love the job atmosphere at FILKEN.

In FILKEN, I work under technician and service department. The culture of this department that attracts me very much is working as a team and always stay positive.

As frontlines, our job is to help customers to solve their problem and provide the best value on their water filter installation quality.

We should have good attitude and behavior and treat each customer as our friends.

My main job content is to do various evaluation reports every month and assist colleagues in the department to face problems, even provide beneficial knowledge sharing to technical staff.

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