Our Services

Pre-Sales Consultation (PSC)

FILKEN offers service to help you in planning house water filtration system by providing an above-average product plan and service experience. FILKEN will provide a free onsite consultation to assist customers to find out the best solutions for their new house water filtration system.

Professional FILKEN consultant team will assist you to communicate with designer/contractor or person in charge of your new house renovation.

FILKEN Protection
Services (FPS)

To provide professional services to maintain drinking water quality, as well as piping of water dispenser.

Keep hygiene & safety of water, even prevent secondary pollution of filter cartridge.Ensure your water dispenser is well- functioned and lifespan extended.

FILKEN Loyalty Cloud

Enjoy Loyalty Care of peace of mind when you buy the Filken Pure Protect Plan.

Our experts understand how everything works together and can help resolve most issues in a single conversation.

A professional water treatment company, specializes in supplying water filter and water dispenser, as well as providing professional water purification service.

ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.



ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.

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