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Pre-Sales Consultation (PSC)

FILKEN offers service to help you in planning house water filtration system by providing an above-average product plan and service experience. FILKEN will provide a free onsite consultation to assist customers to find out the best solutions for their new house water filtration system.

Professional FILKEN consultant team will assist you to communicate with designer/contractor or person in charge of your new house renovation.

Filken Pre-sales Consultancy

FILKEN Protection
Service (FPS)

To provide professional services to maintain drinking water quality.

Keep hygiene & safety of water, even prevent secondary pollution of filter cartridge.Ensure your water dispenser is well- functioned and lifespan extended.

Filken Protection Service

FILKEN Loyalty Cloud

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A professional water treatment company, specializes in supplying water filter and water dispenser, as well as providing professional water purification service.

ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.



ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.

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