Brian Wong Zhi Yong

Account Executive

Hello, I'm Brian from accounting department, mainly work on accounting receivable parts.

I personally really enjoy the work environment at FILKEN, where we can collaborate, learn from each other, and support one another. I feel that working here provides not only opportunities for personal growth but also a sense of not being alone in our efforts. For instance, many times, there are so many uncontrollable factors, yet here, there's always someone willing to work together to find solutions to problems with me.

I feel that working here truly embodies a sense of unity, where everyone's efforts are recognized, and it's not a situation where individuals are just doing their own thing. FILKEN's management approach is also more humane. I believe that the most important attitude at work is a sense of responsibility. If none of us takes our work responsibly, I think we would all be like scattered sand.

"At FILKEN, we are never alone, and as long as we are willing to raise questions or concerns, there will always be a way to find a solution."

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