FILKEN Group, a professional water treatment company, specialises in supplying water filter and water dispenser, as well as providing professional water purification service for over 10 years. FILKEN’s business started in Malaysia but is being expanded to Singapore, with the Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian markets in its future expansion plan.

FILKEN believe that their passion can help more people in accessing cleaner water.

Over the years, FILKEN has managed to build its own team of sales consultant to provide better solution to clients; technical and service team for smarter connection of installation progress; as well as marketing and media team to disseminate correct information and education on proper usage. All employees are well-trained with the proper skills, and to maintain a professional attitude in providing quality products and services. With its expertise and R&D development, today FILKEN is able to provide smart solution products to its customers in improving their living standards.


No.1 water service provider in Malaysia


Let everyone live a healthy physical and mental life

core value

Maintain a grateful heart towards the greater environment and never forget the original intention. Doing good deeds brings the greatest joy, with overflowing gratitude. Sincere friendship and love, with friendships lasting long. Having virtues of morality, humility and courage to strive.

Water benefits all without contention, taking good care of the body and mind nourishes longevity. Blessing the earth with universal love. Benefitting others with kindness, virtues and righteousness.

Perform one’s duties with respect and diligence, refrain from idle talk, and stay true to one’s essence. Dedication creates a world of integrity. With unity and harmony, a new chapter is written; With a common goal, joyous gatherings arise. Harmony breeds wealth and prosperity.

FILKEN set up in Malaysia and established first showroom in Kulai, Johor.

FILKEN Super Membrane first launched in Malaysia.

Introduced Alkaline Ionizer water technology from Korea.

Expanded business opportunity to Singapore.

Successfully registered the FILKEN trademark.

FILKEN Water Consultant Team is formed.

Participated in nationwide home and water exhibitions, wins Asia Pacific Super Health Brand Award.

Started to expand the nationwide distribution market.

Formed a professional Service Team across Malaysia states.

Worked together with Korea manufacturer.

Brought in Hot n Cold Series and Instant water dispenser series.

Win Asia Pacific Super Health Brand award.

Introduced Hydrogen filter technology into Malaysia.

Win Asia Pacific Super Health Brand award.

Switched business model into Enterprise.

Set up new subsidiary branch in Sandakan, Sabah; successfully registered the trademark FILKEN Drink to Wellness.

Expand business into commercial industries.

Win Asia Pacific Super Health Brand award.

Expanded business to Vietnam.

Third and fourth premium store in Kota Kinabalu and Tawau, Sabah.

Brought in Hydrogen and Ultra-D technology into Malaysia.

Successfully registered the trademark for Ultra D Membrane technology.

Fifth premium store in Mount Austin. Johor; business module transform corporatization.

Brought in HEPA technology in Malaysia.

Sixth and seventh premium set up in Puchong, Selangor, and Bukit Indah, Johor.

Consumers’ Choice 2022 – 2023 award by MTPN.

Set up new subsidiary branch in IMM, Singapore; The 20th Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Nobel Records 2023 – Excellence Brand; Book of the TOP, Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand 2023 & 2024; The Golden Bull Outstanding SMEs award by BMI.

Journey of Filken Outdoor Membrane Filter

The overall evolution of Ultra-D®urable focuses on enhancing durability

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Journey of Filken Indoor Water Filter

Filken's continuous innovation and care, committing to deliver superior customer experiences

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Awards Certificate

It was a testament to FILKEN's unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Altruistic, gratitude, and dedication is always the core value of the FILKEN team.

consumer 1

Consumers Choice Award


healthbrand 1

Super Health Brand


golden bull 1

The Golden Bull Award


top 1

Asia Pacific Top Excellent Brand



Entrepreneur Nobel Record


Company Event

Annual Dinner "不忘初心, 筑梦前行” in 2023
Never forget your original intentions, forge ahead to realize your dreams

Annual Dinner "长江后浪推前浪, FILKEN 十年扬帆起航” in 2024
Time makes it inevitable that in every profession, FILKEN is sailing toward new glory

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A professional water treatment company, specializes in supplying water filter and water dispenser, as well as providing professional water purification service.

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