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Revolutionize Water Drinking

Experience the extraordinary with the FILKEN Revo Series, featuring its award-winning design! Say goodbye to cluttered kitchen spaces and hello to more quality time with your loved ones, all thanks to its user-friendly design that combines multiple appliances into one robust unit. With its effortless filter replacement system, control of your schedule with a simple twist. Powered by a Korean-made Ultra Filtration system, you can enjoy energy-packed water with a smaller molecule clusters, promoting better metabolism and superior hydration. Treat your family to instant, high-quality hot water and be amazed by the everyday time and space savings!

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One Become Zero, One Tap to Zero Space

Taking minimalist design to upgrade new level.
Revo Series that comes with the small and smart design is definitely to fit in all kinds of kitchen space.

Understanding the Essence of Hydration

The path to optimal health begins with proper hydration

Did you know that our bodies are predominantly composed of water?

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Why Drinking Water So Important?

Hydration isn't merely a routine act. It's a cornerstone of well-being


Water acts as a natural detoxifier, flushing out toxins and waste products from the body, ensuring a clean and efficient system. It also aids in the transportation of vital nutrients to where they are needed.

Temperature Regulation

Water plays a key role in regulating our body temperature. It keeps us from overheating by facilitating perspiration through sweat glands, which, when evaporated, produces a cooling effect.

Saliva Formation

Water forms the basis for saliva, a crucial component in the initial stages of digestion.

Digestive Lubrication

In the digestive process, water acts as a lubricant, aiding in the breakdown of food and its smooth passage through the digestive tract.

Joint Fluid

It's responsible for the fluids that surround and lubricate our joints, promoting smooth movement and reducing friction.

Metabolism Regulation

Water helps regulate metabolism, ensuring that our body's chemical processes run smoothly.

Our Body's Innate Alkalinity and Functional Acidity

healthy body

pH 7.35~7.45
for optimal health

The human body is naturally inclined towards being mild alkaline. Even a slight shift towards acidic blood pH can raise concerns about our well-being.

Maintaining this healthy pH balance is vital for the proper functioning of our body. However, as we age, our natural pH-regulating mechanisms, both chemical an physiological, start to decline.

Compounded by our modern diets and lifestyles, which tend to produce acidic waste within the body, we face an increased risk of developing an overall acidic pH profile. This shift can potentially compromise our overall health.

Recognizing this delicate balance between out body's alkaline design and its functional acidity is crucial in our pursuit of well-being.

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Three Influences on Body pH

Newborns can enter the world with an acidic pH for various reasons. It might be an inheritance from their mother during pregnancy. Additionally, the underdeveloped muscles in a baby’s stomach can lead to acid reflux, contributing to acidity. Babies who experience oxygen deprivation during labor may also exhibit acidity due to an acidic umbilical cord, resulting in an acidic pH at birth.

In today’s dietary landscape, a significant portion, roughly 70~80%, comprises acid-forming foods like dairy products, meat, sugar, and soft drinks. Alkaline-forming foods such as vegetables and fruits have the ability to counterbalance excess acids in our bodies, but unfortunately, they are often consumed in insufficient quantities. Foods with high acidity disrupt the body’s pH balance, potentially causing harm to our cells.

Lifestyle factors like smoking, irregular sleep patterns, stress, and alcohol consumption create unfavorable conditions for the well-being of our cells. Moreover, such lifestyles lead to an excess of highly reactive and unstable free radicals, which can attack human cells, ultimately paving the way for health issues over time.

Why Choose FILKEN?

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Using ZERO chlorine filtered water to wash fruits and
vegetables to avoid contaminants harming your health.

The Journey and Evolution of FILKEN Indoor Water Filter

Reverse Osmosis
Water System
indoor 1995

Pure water without mineral and calcium, waste 50% of the water.

Energy Water
indoor 2000

Very basic filter system without any extra features. A lot of duplicated filter-high maintenance cost.

Large Size
Water Dispenser

Large size hot and cold water dispenser. Hot water keeps boiling in the system. Very high power consumption.

2013 FILKEN Established
FILKEN Mild Alkaline
Water Dispenser

Improved mild alkaline water dispenser. Slimmer in the body size. Temperature control in 92°C, with water storage tank.

Water Dispenser

Instant hot and cold in 3 seconds, 90% more energy saving. Nano Technology filter. No more re-boiled water!

D-Nature Series

D Natural Water is extracted underground from pure and clean nature water resources, which explains why D Nature is rich in minerals.

H2 Series

Hydrogen Water System is known with generating antioxidant, which is hydrogen. Hydrogen could kill free radicals, discourage cellular aging, boost immune system and more.

2023 until Now
Revo Series

Built-in hot water function is the perfect upgrade for new kitchen with just a simple new design faucet. Sleek and practical design that saves time in the kitchen.

Revo Series Product

revo mini

Revo Mini

Minimalist and Powerful

revo mosaic

Coming Soon

revo mini

Revo Mini

Minimalist and Powerful

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Coming Soon

mosaic revo

Coming Soon

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