Chong Kai Fun

Sales Consultant

Hi guys! My name is Kai Fun, and my position is sales consultant under FILKEN sales department.

I really enjoy working at FILKEN as the workplace environment is great, although I'm just a sales consultant. Besides, everyone help each other and we grow together.

I don't have much to share when it comes to talk about the difference between FILKEN and other companies. Whenever I meet with my friends, they often talk about the "bad culture" in their workplaces. However, working in FILKEN, I didn't experience that kind of stuff that they've mentioned. When there's a conflict, we all come together and solve the problem instead of blaming each other. FILKEN team is almost like a family.

I think communication is the most important thing for my job. Good communication can expresses oneself clearly, which it helps to solve problems and build up relationships with colleagues or clients.

My words to other colleagues: Focusing on one thing and do it well, can bring you great achievements.

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