202310 Website Personal Poster YY

Yumo Chong Yi Ying


Hello, I'm Yumo or you can call me YY as well. I'm from marketing department, currently working on E-commerce stuff.

FILKEN is more likely a school to me. No matter the principle, teacher or students in this 'school', they won't judge a person by his/her past. Everyone in FILKEN are willing to put effort and time to go through every challenge. That's why I love FILKEN.

I've been here for eight years. From past until now, FILKEN has it own vision, mission and values. FILKEN is a very interesting company for me to work. I would like to stay here longer to see how much I can grow together with FILKEN.

I feel that FILKEN is a company with warmth, and it gives people a warm feeling. Whenever I face difficulties, whether in professional or personal matters, there are always people willing to lend a helping hand without expecting anything in return. Giving is more blessed than receiving, and because I've experienced this kind of selfless help from others, when we see someone else in need, we also choose to extend a helping hand without hesitation. I believe this is the most unique and my favorite aspect of our FILKEN team compared to other teams.

"Responsibility" is the most important attitude I believe in when it comes to work. Only when you take on responsibility will you put in 101% effort and constantly follow up on the progress of projects, choosing to do things in the most efficient way possible. Our manager often emphasizes the importance of doing things well rather than just completing them. Responsibility teaches us not just to get things done, but to do them well.

This is a quote I've been loving recently, and it's been a source of great strength for me lately. I'd like to take this opportunity to share it with everyone: "Goodness is hidden within effort."

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