Ng Boh Wah

Finance Manager in Account Department

I am an experienced accountant, Mr. Ng Boh Wah, specializing in commercial industries such as logistics, distribution, construction and retail, with over seven years of expertise in the fields of accounting and finance.

The reason for me to join FILKEN is due to its culture and values, as well as the extraordinary enthusiasm of a young generation committed to conducting business with a genuine sense of caring. This drive inspires a collective effort to give back to society, ensuring that everyone can have access to clean water and live a healthy life.

The members of my department are highly professional and possess a strong team spirit. In our department, no one was left behind to fight alone, because we are a team.

While customers are undeniably important, but employees are the company’s true assets, and it is the employees who have the potential to drive the company towards continuous improvement. Therefore, it is essential to treat each customer reasonably rather than resorting to unreasonable and disruptive behavior. In our priority hierarchy, employees hold the primary position, as motivated workforce is key to serving our customers effectively.

Diligence and a sense of responsibility are of paramount importance, as the presence of any error can potentially impact every outcome determined by the top management of company.


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" To change people life across the world! A peaceful and healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Together we transform. "

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