FILKEN Protection Service

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To provide professional services to maintain drinking water quality.
Keep hygiene & safety water, even prevent secondary pollution of filter cartridge. Ensure your water dispenser is well-functioned and lifespan extended.


FILKEN protection service visit

Filter replacement every 12 month


Customized and professional service

FPS 15-point check

Ensure each part is functioning well and clean

Steam Sterilisation

For water tank and water tap

Water Quality Test

Standards for ensuring water quality through water testing

100% Professional technician

Ensure the highest quality service


testing of water dispenser hot/cold function

Check the cold & hot water function to make sure the water dispenser is working properly.

check child lock safety button

Check the child safety lock to make sure function work properly and prevent children from getting scald in accident.

check the water tap

Checking water tap to confirm component no loose and work properly.

check power point and switch off

Turn off electric and water dispenser to avoid electrocution, electric shock and water dispenser failure.

check and replace ro tube

Replace old RO tube to keep water fresh and check RO tube after the replacement.

remove old filter and clean the new filter set

Remove the old filter and washing new filter set. (Hit the filter to deep clean carbon inside filter).

clean and check water tank

Wear the gloves to clean water tank. Check water tank after cleaned.

steam sterlization for water tank and water tap

Using steam machine to steam sterlization for water tank & water tap.

install new filter set

Install new filter set into water dispenser.

check filter connector

Check filter connector to avoid leakage.

check hot & cold switch

Make sure the power supply is functioning properly.

check float ball and others accessories

Check water dispenser float ball to confirm function work properly.

Water quality test- ph test / chlorine test / hydrogen test

Water quality testing is essential to ensure the pH, chlorine and hydrogen levels of your water so that any issues can be monitored and resolved in a timely manner.

check for water leaks

Check around and check inside water dispenser.

update records on service card

By following the steps, maintain accurate and current service records to provide uptime and reliable service to each customer or piece of equipment.

A professional water treatment company, specializes in supplying water filter and water dispenser, as well as providing professional water purification service.

ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.



ⓒ Filken. 2014 | All right reserved.