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6th Gen
Enhance water purification technologies.
Solving Malaysia's air pollution phenomena

7th Gen
Enhance maintenance management systems.
Keep up with the trend of "Beauty"

8th Gen
All-new technological maintenance management system.
Leads to Smart+ era

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Smart Living

32°C/24 °C

Precipitation : 5%
Humidity : 78%
Wind : 8km/h

Effortless Care, Your Perfect Partner

FILKEN concerns you, solving your water quality meanwhile provide a smart & intelligent way for maintenance.

The Smart Maintenance System is an automatic direct flushing device designed to efficiently manage filter lifecycle. It combines automatic flushing technology, sensore, and the ability to view backflush history,

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1-Zone Water Timer is designed to optimize resource usage by ensuring that the flushing process doesn’t waste excessive water. Automatic flushing cycles avoid unnecessary water usage.