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Feel the power and smallest element on earth

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What is hydrogen rich water ?

Hydrogen rich water is regular water (H20) that has been infused with hydrogen particles.
Suitable for people of all ages.

Hydrogen Water acts as Antioxidant

Hydrogen is the smallest molecule.
Different antioxidants like Vitamin C or Vitamin E have to be consumed, digested, carried and taken up by the cells. However, hydrogen could just enters the stomach lining and acts inside the cells right away, ensuring DNA, RNA, and proteins against harmful oxidative stress, bypassing the digest process entirely.
Hydrogen could kills free radicals

What is free radical ?

Free radicals are highly reactive and unstable molecules that are made by the body naturally as a byproduct of normal metabolism.

How it forms?
• Breaking down nutrients to energy
• Air pollution
• Radon
• Viruses
• Medical radiation
• Ultraviolet radiation (UV)

*Radon: An odorless, invisible, radioactive gas naturally released from rocks, soil, and water. Second leading cause of lung cancer.

How hydrogen kills free radicals ?

Each molecule of hydrogen kills two free radicals. It effectively divides into two somewhat charged molecules.
That kills the free radicals that developed by day-to-day oxidative pressure.