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Thon Hui Hui

Operation Executive in Operation Department

Hello everyone, I'm Hui Hui from FILKEN Operations Department. I used to work as an operator at a medical company in Singapore.
In FILKEN, my main responsibilities included processing daily orders, ensuring product quality, and resolving basic product issues.

I chose to work for FILKEN because I personally enjoy engaging in more thought-provoking work. Additionally, FILKEN’s culture and values do align with what I aspire to do. Moreover, FILKEN offers training for newcomers. I’ve experienced personal growth in various aspects through my job here.

In my department, I can tell that my colleagues are all very persistent and hardworking.

When it comes to the attitude towards customers, I believe that the primary step is to understand the customer’s needs. It’s essential to respond promptly to customers and treat them as if they were our own family, keeping their concerns close to our hearts.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to consider customer’s needs from their perspective. Provide humble and attentive service, while aligning our goals with helping customers to obtain what they required.

I believe the most important attitudes towards work are positivity, a strong sense of responsibility, gratitude, a willingness to serve others, and a dedicated work ethic to fulfill our tasks.

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