Stanley Lim Vun Bing

Business Development & PR Manager in R&D Department

Hi, I'm Stanley Lim, and my position in FILKEN is business development manager. Before FILKEN, I worked in Singapore for 16years, promoted from entry-level, an assistant to executive until management level. I've plenty of experience in smart housing systems and project management industries. Moreover, also an exspecialist in government, private, and multinational projects.

Due to MCO, my former company decided to end operations in Malaysia. So, i left my former company because of my family in Malaysia. Common ideology with FILKEN attracts me to work in FILKEN. I enjoy the teamwork here. Moreover, I get great values that are worth learning from company founders as well.

The core value of my department is “3 don’ts and 3 changes”.

The 3 don’ts are do not speak thoughtlessly, do not leak information, and do not forget the original intention. The value of 3 don’ts are meant to protects company’s assets, reputation and stay true to its essence.

The 3 changes are improvement, transformation, and change. These are meant to enhance the company’s credibility in the market and improve the living quality of people to maintain society’s harmony and even get to the next level.


Create the most functional product to always fulfill customer needs together with our services. Customer is primary, and employee is centric.

Two main attitudes, which are sincere and passion. Treat everyone sincerely and treat every task with fully passionate.

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" To change people life across the world! A peaceful and healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Together we transform. "

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