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Tan Yong Shun

HR Assistant & Personal Assistant

Hello everyone, I'm Tan Yong Shun from Human Resources Department. I've been inclined towards introversion since I was a child.
However, during my time in secondary school, I began to explore my potential. I tried different part-time jobs during my secondary school years, which helped me to develop various skills. I learned how to communicate with people, collaborate with others, work as part of team, and foster a sense of responsibility.
After graduating, I found a job as a production line operator. It was relatively relaxed at that time, but it became monotonous due to the repetitive nature of the work.
So, I transitioned to an administrative position. This allowed me to enhance my coordination and problem-solving skills. I'm in the process of learning more to overcome difficulties and become a more confident person.

The moment that I joined FILKEN, I saw my colleagues working together enthusiastically. It really motivated me. Moreover, there is mutual respect and support among all of us, as fundamental human respect is vital. The company also offers opportunities for development as it aims to be in the top 500 companies within the next 30 years to let everyone live a healthy physical and mental life. Furthermore, the company’s mission and values align with my own.

I personally thought the following points are worth advocating,

  • Dedication: A professional attitude in one’s work demonstrates dedication.
  • Respect: Respect is crucial, as it is the foundation of all huma interactions.
  • Empathy: Empathy is important, especially when facing challenges at work.
  • Unity: Unity brings strength, enabling the accomplishment of collective goals.
  • Innovation: Innovation can lead the company to new heights.
  • Sincerity: Sincerity is essential in how everyone treats each other, including colleagues within the company. 

I believe it’s essential to approach customers with friendliness, treating them as if they are friends. Additionally, patience is the key when customers encounter issues. We should explain things to them patiently when they need detailed clarification. Furthermore, a willingness to help is crucial. No matter what problems customers have faced, we should be eager to assist them in resolving their issues within our capabilities.


I believe the most important attitudes towards work are positivity and focus. A positive attitude towards work is essential for doing it well, while focus is the key for achieving greater efficiency in our tasks.

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