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Angela Lim Yong Ching

Regional Sales Manager in Sales Department

Hello, I'm Angela. My first job was under customer service at FILKEN. In this role, I developed valuable communication and documentation skills.

What I found particularly interesting about this position was the opportunity to improve my listening, clear expression, various communication techniques, and problem-solving. Unfortunately, I realized that the position at FILKEN wasn't aligned with my career goals, so I left and changed my career to become a salesperson at another company. However, sometimes fate has its plans.

I returned to FILKEN because it aligned better with my personal aspirations and offered more opportunities for advancement. This time, I joined the Sales department at FILKEN.

I chose FILKEN because its culture matches my personal values, including mission and how they care about their employees. It also offers a great working environment, teamwork, and positive atmosphere among colleagues and management.

The culture in our team is to work as a team, this is the key to success in our life to our achievement. We always practice that “team” is not just a word, it represents a meaningful concept,

T stand for: Together, E: Everyone, A: Achieve, and M stands for More

As frontliners, our job is helping customers to solve their problems. We should treat each customer like a friend, which fosters trust, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.

Here are some key points to remember:

  • Genuine Care: Treat customers honestly and with care. Treat them as our friends, greet them warmly and show concern for their issues.
  • Listening and Understanding: Listen carefully to their opinions and feedback, taking their needs seriously and respecting their concerns to meet their expectations better.
  • Building Trust: Trust is crucial. Keep your promises, be honest, avoid false commitments, and work to earn the trust from your customers.

A positive work attitude is crucial in the workplace. It means being optimistic, proactive, cheerful, and responsible.
Responsibility involves committing to your tasks, taking initiative, meeting deadlines, being accountable for your work, and solving problems actively.

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